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So many amazing beaches to walk  and be inspired by:


Compton Bay natural and free - no breakwaters or sea defences to tame its wildness and with the gleaming white chalk cliffs of Highdown away across the bay is just three miles from my studio.

Totland Bay a rich source of inspiration, facing west across the Solent, it is an evening place; a place for sunsets.

Fort Victoria, blue clay and coarse shingle, dangerous for swimming but with its own bleak beauty.

Brook Shore where dinosaurs once walked and time stretches out in all directions

Into the Light, Fort Victoria, IW
Grey, windy day, Freshwater Bay
Harsh Light
Sea Light Compton 2019
Colourful Seascape
Late Day - Island shore
Cool Glittering Light
Rosy Light, Hurst Narrows
Hurst Narrows
Falling Tide, Warden Ledge
Compton, Evening Light
Stormy Freshwater Bay
Indigo Sea, Compton
Homeward Bound
Passing Light, Compton Beach
Wintery Sea at Compton
Stormy Compton Beach
Light across the Beach
Silvery Light, Summer, Compton
Sea Stream Compton
Meditation in Blue
Twisting Wave, Totland Bay
Beneath The Wave 2
Gold & Blue, Totland Breakwater
Storm Force 10
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