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Anne Toms print

Limited Edition Giclee Prints




'Stormy Seas,  Compton'
available mounted & wrapped in cello 
also mounted and framed in simple silver/gold frame

Inspired by a solitary walk on Compton Beach near my home at Freshwater Bay on the day after a violent storm, when the sea was still running fiercely onto the shore. Painted in oils from memory in the the studio immediately on my return in a rush of excitement with the roar  of the sea ringing in my ears and without even my usual scribbled notes and sketches as prompts. The original canvas is in a private collection and I am grateful to the owner for facilitating this limited edition print.





'Thro' The Trees, by the River'

 One of the 'Winter Walk series of paintings inspired by the walk home from Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay along the old railway track that follows the River Yar to the causeway.  It is usually late in the afternoon, when the low winter sun is molten gold behind the trees.  Glimpses of the river and reed beds come and go as I hurry to reach the Bay before dark.  I carry with me the memory of glowing colour and dark shapes that I try to work out on canvas in the studio later.

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