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New from my studio

Since the roof was fixed on my studio and I have moved back in six weeks have flown by and it is a joy to be working again, picking up on part completed paintings and half expressed ideas: starting to unfold new imagery collected during the months of exile. The pristine white space is already starting to accumulate the familiar organized mess of oil paints, palettes, brush pots and jam jars filled with magic substances at various stages of usefulness and decay and the empty walls are becoming populated again.

This week I have hung two new paintings at Yarmouth Gallery and one earlier painting that I had struggled to resolve. I show that here.

It is one of the 'Winter Walk' series of paintings inspired by my late afternoon walks back from Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay along the path by the river Yar. I have brought it together with another recurring theme which you may recognize and have entitled it "A Secret Never To Be Told"

The painting is in oils on a very course textured linen canvas that I stretched and prepared in the traditional way with rabbit skin size and I have painted directly onto the natural colour ground that process creates. The canvas measures 122cm x 61cm and is priced (unframed) £1800 (now sold)

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