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The Crossing II

I painted this before the first Covid-19 lockdown, seems like a lifetime ago now, and it was hung briefly at Yarmouth Gallery where it was seen by a client who asked me to make a larger version of it to fit a particular place. An intriguing request as the new version was to be more than twice as wide and not so deep as the original, plus it needed to be painted on a wood panel. I accepted the commission with some trepidation, not unjustified as it turned out. It was a struggle to retain the essence of the original while reorganizing it within new parameters and on a very different support. The project was to dominate my life for the whole summer of 2021 it somehow lacked the conviction of the smaller work until I stopped worrying, forgot the earlier version and felt again the fierce inspiration of the subject: quite suddenly and magically the painting took wings. I am sharing a (slightly shaky) video clip of it still on the easel in the studio with the earlier version shown below it.

I intend to re-hang the earlier canvas at Yarmouth Gallery when it re-opens after 12th April. The Crossing II, will be installed in its new home.

A print of the earlier painting is available to order, see below.

Printed on canvas and mounted on 4 cm deep stretcher pieces 80 cm h x 100 cm w (the same size as the original) 'The Crossing I' from which it is reproduced. Printed and mounted to order by David Whistance here in Freshwater, IW., You can order one by emailing me directly

I will get back to you with details - or from Yarmouth Gallery.


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