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Spring at last

The last few weeks have been hectic as my involvement with Yarmouth Gallery has mopped up my time trying to keep track of what needed to be done to prepare for the gathering threat of Covid-19. My two days a week at the Gallery had morphed into a full time preoccupation. At first we tried to find ways of staying open while staying safe and staying viable. Then with me working from home trying to help David stay open and safe: the Gallery being his livelihood and there being no coherent route yet to government support.

It is something of a relief to be given a clear directive by the Government to close the Gallery completely and trust in future support to re-boot when the time is right.

So, now I have a sense of peace and time to return to my painting. I count myself so fortunate that while so many in the world struggle to get through these troubling times, often alone and needy, I have the companionship of my partner, the virtual company of friends and family, and the abiding companionship of my work as an artist and of the natural world; which I can enjoy by simply walking out into our garden.

My heart goes out to all city dwellers and people who live in small flats, to parents trying to keep children and teenagers occupied, fed and happy and, perhaps most of all, to the homeless and those with insufficient financial support.

I am asking my life partner, John, who was a professional photographer before his retirement to photograph my paintings - my hand is far too shaky these days to make a sharp photographic

image, though it doesn't seem to affect my painting - so I can go on updating the website and doing a more regular Blog.

For now, here are a few paintings he has already photographed: paintings I have made in the West Wight in Spring and Early Summer and which I hope you will enjoy. Stay safe.

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