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Farringford House, home of poet Tennyson

This oil painting of Farringford House at Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, once the home of the celebrated Victorian poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson was completed in the early 1970s. It was sent to me earlier this year from Canada by Simon Ruddell, son of its original owner who bought it while staying at Farringford, now an hotel. The gateway has changed little, though the windows of the house have been restored to their earlier dark wood colour. I was delighted at how fresh the colour is and I have now cleaned the painting and had it re-framed in a rather nice gold frame. Painted on board, it measures 13x19.5 inches (approx 17x23.5 inches including the frame.

Simon has asked me to sell the painting for him and I have suggested asking around £420 for it. If you are interested in acquiring this painting then I would be pleased if you would contact me by email: (now sold)

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