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Up in the Clouds

My sights have been fixed on the heavens in my current series of paintings: I have shifted from the high horizon or no horizon paintings that have occupied me for years to looking upwards. When I began the series the skies were uniformly grey and without light or inspiration and I guess I was recalling past glories to lift my spirits. Then , several days later, lo, the skies brightened and cloud piled high upon cloud, lit by the strong spring sunlight. I feel that I may have performed a sort of painterly version of a rain dance - or should that be a cloud dance, because the skies have been so exciting. I am quite intoxicated with gazing up at the ever changing spectacle of the past few days. The painting I am showing here is one of the first of the series - part of the rain dance. I am still working on the sequence as one painting evolves into another and I am sure that what I am seeing now will feed into that process. Oil on stretched canvas approx 100cmW x 80cmH x 4cmD £1,400

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