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Artwork revisited

Newtown Nature Reserve is one of my favourite haunts and the artwork commissioned over the years by the National Trust for the education hut and the bird hides there are among my most enjoyed projects. I spent many hours researching, meeting with the amazingly knowledgeable bird experts who work for the trust, walking the territory and absorbing the vibes before starting work on the preparatory drawings. The smaller panels were completed in my studio but the large wall painting in the education hut was completed en-situ over several weeks. That was twenty years ago and so I was surprised last weekend to discover that the large mural had become something of a centre of discussion among NT committee members as plans for changes to the complex of education room, workshop and office space in the hut on the Newtown car park are being planned.

Change happens, and once a piece of work is finished it is out there in the world it is on its own. I hope it survives and remains relevant, I love the idea of being part of a heritage.

The wall panel is very difficult to photograph but I thought I would share a shot my partner John took of me in front of it on Monday for the local paper and a few of the other panels commissioned by the National Trust that I completed around that time.

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